How To Start An Inverter Generator (Step By Step)

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Find out how to typically start an inverter generator so you can begin enjoying all your clean electric power.

How to generally start an inverter generator

In this first section, you will learn some of the common steps most types of inverter generators with a pull cord and a choke and without a key need to start running safely:

  1. Make sure you are in a safe location (outside and away from buildings), in safe weather conditions, etc. by checking the manual of your inverter generator, checking for any damage, and following other general safety guidelines like grounding the inverter generator if necessary.
  2. Check the oil level, air filter, and fuel level of your machine.
  3. Make sure there are no devices or cords connected to the generator outlets.
  4. Turn the fuel filler cap vent lever to ON.
  5. If your inverter generator has an eco throttle, turn it off.
  6. If your inverter generator is cold and has a choke lever, turn it to the closed position. If your inverter generator is warm, turn it to the open position.
  7. Turn the engine switch to ON.
  8. Use your starting mechanism of choice. For a pull cord, this means quickly pulling the cord in the right direction.
  9. If your choke lever was closed, put it in the open position when the inverter generator is warm enough.
  10. After two or three minutes, you can plug in devices with power needs your inverter generator can deal with.

Keep in mind that specific inverter generators can have different starting guidelines. Ideally, you would follow the steps in the use manual.

Additionally, if this is your first time starting your machine, you want to follow the inverter generator break-in guidelines in your manual too.

This will typically involve putting the inverter generator under certain load fluctuations and changing the oil faster than normal.

If your inverter generator won’t start after following the steps above, there are a few different troubleshooting steps you can take.


How to start an inverter generator with a key?

To start an inverter generator with a key you need to follow the same steps as regular models but turn the engine switch to ON with the key.

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