Inverter Generator Overload Light Stays On: What To Do?

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When you first overload your inverter generator, it will often stop producing power. Even if the engine continues to run.

The first step is resetting your inverter generator by turning it off, unplugging all the things, resetting any GFCI outlets/breakers, and figuring out whether you were actually overloading the machine.

After that, there are still certain cases where the overload light on inverter generators stays on. Even with nothing plugged in.

There are a lot of reasons this could be the case like just a faulty connection or broken parts.

The main message is that you want to contact customer support of your generator brand or a specialist that can help you find and solve the issue.

Some of the fixes could include replacing certain parts or just getting a new inverter generator.

Why is my inverter generator saying overload?

A common reason your inverter generator is saying overload is that the devices you are trying to run require more power than the machine can produce.

That being said, there are also cases where the overload light turns on due to technical issues in other parts of the inverter generator.

How do you reset the overload on an inverter generator?

To reset the overload on an inverter generator you typically want to turn off the machine, reset any GFCI outlets/breakers, unplug all devices and extension cords, and check for technical issues.

You likely also want to double-check the appliance watt requirements, volt needs, and amp requirements to avoid overloading your inverter generator the next time you use it.

After following these steps, you can try starting and using the inverter generator again.

If the overload light is still turned on after that, you want to check the next section.

It is also possible that your inverter generator overload light is flashing. The reason(s) for this can vary from brand to brand so you likely want to check the manual of your model.

How do you fix an overload in an inverter generator?

To fix an overload in an inverter generator you want to check the user manual or contact customer support since this is a more tricky process.

If you have reset your inverter generator and the overload light is on with nothing plugged in, you have a more “complicated” technical issue on your hands.

There are a variety of parts and reasons that could be the cause of this.

You likely first want to contact customer support for your specific generator to check whether there are any common causes and/or simple fixes for this.

Another option is contacting an expert that can troubleshoot the issue of your specific situation.

For example, in the video below, someone is able to solve the inverter generator overload light with nothing plugged in issue by cleaning the connection between the engine and the panel.

You may also need to replace certain parts or get a new inverter generator altogether.

What happens if you overload an inverter generator?

If you overload an inverter generator the machine will typically shut off and stop producing power but the engine can also keep running and damage your machine.

Overloading an inverter generator is typically dangerous. Sometimes in ways that are dangerous to any people or buildings around them.

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