Predator Generator 9000 Review: Is It Actually Good?

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The Predator Generator 9000 stands out for its budget-friendly price for this power level.

You do want to keep in mind that it has THD levels that are not suited for sensitive electronics.

For this, something like the Predator 8750 inverter or one of the other best 9000 watt generators would be better.

Additionally, the Predator 9000 is somewhat louder than some people expect.

Lastly, there are generators with better durability reputations.

These things mean the Predator 9000 can be a budget-friendly way to offer a lot of power in certain situations.

At the same time, this generator is not for everyone either.

What is the Predator 9000?

The Predator 9000 is a large non-inverter generator from Harbor Freight with 9000 peak watts. This generator stands out in its budget-friendly price but does not have the best reliability reputation.

What are the key features of the Predator 9000?

The key features of the Predator 9000 are:

FeaturePredator Generator 9000
Fuel Type87+ Octane Unleaded Gasoline
Starting Watts9000 Starting Watts
Running Watts7250 Running Watts
Run Time @50% Load13 Hours
Noise Levels78 dBA
Outlets(2) Duplexes Of 120V 20A GFCI Protected 5-20R
Outlets, (1) 120V 30A L5-30R Twist-Lock Outlet,
(1) 120/240V 30A L14-30R Twist-Lock Outlet,
(1) 12V 8A DC Outlet
THD< 23% According To
One Customer Support Rep
Warranty*90 Days Limited Warranty
Price Category**$$
Check Current Price
Predator Generator 9000 key features

*Warranties can vary from seller to seller

**Price category at the time of writing the review

What are the pros of the Predator Generator 9000?

The pros of the Predator Generator 9000 are:

  • Predator 9000 offers 9000 starting watts, 7250 running watts, 240 V, and 30 A
  • Relatively low price
  • A lot of outlets, including GFCI-protected ones
  • Nice run time of 13 hours at 50% load
  • Relatively good fuel efficiency
  • Positive customer reviews

What are the cons of the Predator Generator 9000?

The cons of the Predator Generator 9000 are:

  • THD levels of < 23% are not suited for sensitive electronics
  • Relatively high noise levels of 78 dBA
  • Not the best durability reputation

What will the Predator Generator 9000 run?

The Predator Generator 9000 will typically run devices like a sump pump and a table saw without a problem. This generator alone will not run sensitive electronics safely due to the high THD power.

The 9000 starting watts, 7250 running watts, 240 volts, and 30 amps of the Predator 9000 sound impressive but you may wonder what this will actually run.

Since this is such an important detail, you would preferably look at or even better measure the power requirements of your specific devices.

That being said, there are also some general things to say about what the Predator Generator 9000 should be able to run to make this review more helpful.

First of all, besides a few strong air conditioning systems and other big devices, the 30 amps of the Predator 9000 should be enough to run most standard options.

Similarly, the 9000 starting watts is enough to get most appliances and tools going.

The main question will be whether the Predator 9000 will be able to run all the devices you want it to at the same time.

Since the Predator 9000 typically has enough power to run a strong AC system, a sump pump, and a table saw at the same time (not considering THD), the answer will often be yes.

What are the Predator Generator 9000 fuel capacity and consumption?

The Predator Generator 9000 has a fuel capacity of 7.79 gallons and a fuel consumption of 0.6 gallons an hour at 50% load.

Since most people will prefer being able to run their generators without too many fueling sessions, the specs of the Predator 9000 regarding this area matter too.

The 7.79-gallon fuel tank of the Predator 9000 allows it to run for 13 hours at 50% load.

While I’m used to seeing run times for 25% load and you can’t compare these exactly, the 13 hours run time at 50% should be above-average compared to most generators.

With the numbers above, you can also estimate that the Predator 9000 gets about 6.049 kWh out of a gallon of fuel.

This is another above-average spec of the Predator 9000 in this review.

In simpler words, when considering fuel capacity and consumption, the Predator 9000 should be able to run for nice amounts of time.

What is the THD of the Predator Generator 9000?

The THD of the Predator Generator 9000 is < 23%. This is typically too high to power sensitive electronics like a TV, microwave, or phone.

Something important to keep in mind when considering generators like the Predator 9000 in this review is the THD aka total harmonic distortion of the machines.

To put it in simple words, THD is basically a measurement of how “clean” the power is that comes out of the generator.

For running more sensitive electronics like laptops, phones, and TVs, you typically need a low THD to avoid damaging your devices.

The THD of the Predator 9000 is not mentioned on the product page but one person contacted customer support about this.

This individual got the response that the THD of the Predator 9000 is < 23% (1).

For regular generators like the Predator 9000, this THD is somewhat standard.

However, to run sensitive electronics you typically want a THD of less than 5%.

If this is your goal, you can check out the Predator 8750 inverter generator instead.

Are the customer reviews of the Predator 9000 positive?

Yes, the customer reviews of the Predator 9000 are generally positive. There are a few mentions about the generator not working out of the box or relatively early but these cases are not very common.

A review of the specs and price of the Predator 9000 is a great start but you also want to know that some generator brands do not do the best job of delivering on their promises.

To make sure this is not the case for the Predator 9000, you want to take a look at the available customer reviews.

I already did this for you and noted some of the general tendencies to save you some time and effort.

Besides a few mentions of the noise levels and weight, the negative customer reviews are mostly related to the Predator not working out of the box or relatively early.

It might be worth considering an additional smaller generator from brands with a better reputation for durability if you have any must-be-able-to-run devices.

That being said, it is also fair to say that the overall customer reviews of the Predator Generator 9000 are still relatively positive.

What are the alternatives to the Predator Generator 9000?

An alternative to the Predator Generator 9000 with lower THD levels is the Predator 8750. This generator is typically a better choice if you want to power sensitive electronics.

Additionally, the Champion 201067 9000 is an even better inverter generator alternative to the Predator 9000 thanks to its high amount of low THD power at a reasonable price.

Knowing whether or not the Predator 9000 is suited for your situation is a good start but you likely also want to know if there are better alternatives.

At the time of writing, I have not looked at all the alternatives available yet so this section of the review is not perfect yet.

Is the Predator Generator 9000 worth it?

Yes, the Predator Generator 9000 can be worth it if you want a lot of power at a budget-friendly price and don’t mind the high THD levels.

Something to note first is that the Predator Generator 9000 is relatively strong.

Many people will have enough with generators with less power.

Secondly, you want to keep in mind that the Predator 9000 has slightly higher THD levels. To run sensitive electronics with this generator you will need your own inverter setup.

Thirdly, the Predator 9000 is not that quiet and even loud which is not helpful for places like busy camping spots or tailgating locations.

Lastly, there are generator brands with better reputations for durability.

At the same time, the price of the Predator Generator 9000 is very attractive.

Potentially in combination with a more reliable smaller generator with better durability and an inverter, the Predator 9000 can be worth it if you need a lot of power.

What are the other specifications of the Predator 9000?

The other specifications of the Predator 9000 are:

SpecPredator Generator 9000
Voltage120/240 VAC
Fuel Tank Capacity7.79 Gallons
Fuel Efficiency
(kWh Per Gallon)
Enclosed DesignNo
Fuel GaugeYes
Recoil Pull StartYes
Electric StartYes
Battery SizeLead-Acid 12 V,
9 Ah Battery (Not Included)
Low Oil ShutdownYes
AC Frequency60 Hz
Engine Displacement420cc
Built-In Digital DisplayNo
Power MeterNo
Run TimeNo
Engine Type4 Stroke
Generator Operation
Outlet CoversYes
Parallel ReadyNo
Oil Capacity1.16 Quart = 37.12 Fl Oz
Oil TypeSAE Oil, 10W – 30 Above 32° F,
5W – 30 At 32° F Or Below
Dimensions26.9″ L x 22″ W x 22.8″ H
Weight195 lb (88.5 kg)
WheelsOptional Wheel Kit
Check Current Price
Other Predator Generator 9000 specifications aka specs

Besides that, you can also check out the Predator 9000 generator user manual to troubleshoot problems like the machine not starting or to get instructions on details like the break-in procedure.

Additionally, you want to know that a cover, exhaust extension, and remote start kit are things you need to get separately.

How long will a Predator Generator 9000 run?

A Predator Generator 9000 will run for about 13 hours at 50% load.

How much oil does a Predator Generator 9000 take?

The Predator Generator 9000 has an oil capacity of 1.16 qt. which is about 37.12 fl oz or about 1.1 liters.

How many decibels is a Predator Generator 9000?

A Predator Generator 9000 is about 78 A-weighted decibels (dBA) according to Harbor Freight.

Is the Predator 9000 generator a good generator?

The Predator 9000 generator can be a good generator if you need a budget-friendly way to generate a lot of power without a low THD.

At the same time, you want to keep the higher THD, noise levels, and potentially somewhat lower life span in mind.

Does a Predator 9000 generator need to be grounded?

Harbor Freight mentions a Predator 9000 generator “must be earth-grounded in accordance with all relevant electrical codes and standards before operation”.

What oil does a predator 9000 generator use?

A Predator 9000 uses SAE Oil and more specifically, 10W – 30 above 32° F and 5W – 30 at 32° F or below.

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