Westinghouse Vs DuroMax Generators: Is One Better?

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The main differences between Westinghouse and DuroMax generators are that Westinghouse generators tend to have better reliability, quieter noise levels at lower power categories, and a slightly lower price.

On the flip side, there are a few DuroMax generators with five years residential warranty (instead of the more standard three years).

So while there are a few exceptional best generator lists where this does not apply, Westinghouse generators tend to be better than DuroMax models.

Overview Westinghouse vs DuroMax generators

In this first table, you can find out Westinghouse and DuroMax generators are generally different.

Keep in mind that you ideally would compare specific generators to make sure you are choosing the right model.

FeatureWestinghouse GeneratorsDuroMax Generators
Reliability ReputationGreatSlightly Above Average
Extra Features & SpecsGoodGood
Noise LevelsQuiet Inverter Generators
Average Non-Inverters
Warranties*3 Years Limited Residential
And 1 Year Limited
Commercial Warranties
3 Years Limited Residential
And 1 Year Limited
Commercial Warranties
Check Current PricesCheck Current Prices
Overview Westinghouse vs DuroMax generators

*Warranties can vary from seller to seller

**Price category at the time of writing

Differences Westinghouse vs DuroMax generators in detail

A quick overview can be helpful but before choosing between Westinghouse and DuroMax generators you may want to see the differences explained in detail.

Reliability reputation

With an investment like a portable generator, you want to know about the reliability tendencies of models from Westinghouse and DuroMax.

Especially if you plan to get one of their bigger generators for home backup power.

There are certain specific brands like Honda and Champion that can do slightly better.

However, it is fair to say that Westinghouse generators tend to be some of the most reliable models on the market.

On the other side, I would describe the reliability DuroMax as more average or slightly above average.

In simpler words, the customer reviews imply that Westinghouse generators tend to be more reliable than DuroMax generators.

Winner: Westinghouse generators

Extra features and specs

DuroMax generators could still be reliable enough for your preferences and purposes.

In that case, knowing how they compare to Westinghouse generators in terms of features and specs can be useful.

All portable generators produce power but details like dual fuel, electric start, remote start, and CO sensors are not always standard.

That being said, DuroMax and Westinghouse happen to be two generator brands that do really well in this area.

Most of their power levels have at least a dual fuel version available.

You can also typically expect an electric start, remote start, and a CO sensor at higher power levels.

Both brands even have a few tri fuel generators.

Winner: Both good

Noise levels

In many situations, the noise levels of Westinghouse and DuroMax generators will matter to at least some extent.

Especially in cases like a busy camping or house backup power in a small neighborhood.

The small inverter generators from Westinghouse are often some of the quietest options available at their power levels.

At higher power levels, Westinghouse and DuroMax generators tend to be equally loud (which is typically normal for the category).

In simpler words, you can say Westinghouse generators are somewhat quieter than DuroMax models at the lower power levels.

Winner: Westinghouse at lower power levels


Westinghouse does great and DuroMax does reasonably well in terms of reliability but quality control issues can happen.

In (exceptional) cases like this, generator warranties are there to make things right.

That being said, this is another area where Westinghouse and DuroMax generators are very similar.

Both brands tend to come with three years limited residential and one year limited commercial warranties.

At the same time, there are a few DuroMax generators that come with five year residential warranty which does add some trust.

Winner: Typically the same, DuroMax generators in a few exceptional cases


Your portable generator has to suit your needs but the prices of Westinghouse and DuroMax models can still influence your decision.

Temporary deals can influence this but DuroMax generators are often slightly more expensive than the Westinghouse model from the same category.

In combination with the other differences, your decision between these two brands is often clear.

Winner: Westinghouse generators a small amount

Are Westinghouse generators better than DuroMax?

Overall, Westinghouse generators tend to be more reliable, quieter at lower power levels, and slightly more budget-friendly.

On the other hand, DuroMax has a few models that have five years limited residential warranty which is longer than the stand three years from Westinghouse.

That being said, besides the occasional exceptional category, Westinghouse generators tend to be better than DuroMax.

In turn, it should not come as a surprise that Westinghouse scores a lot better on our list of the best generator brands.

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