7 Purposes Generators Are Used For

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Generators are used for situations where converting fuel into electricity yourself is better than relying on a power grid or nothing.

This makes generators especially useful for backup power after natural disasters like hurricanes and snowstorms.

Additionally, you can use generators for more fun things like outdoor events, RV boondocking, tailgating, and more.

Uses of electrical generators

Some popular uses of electrical generators are:

  1. Backup power for home and businesses
  2. Rv boondocking
  3. Construction sites
  4. Off-grid living
  5. Producing power in everyday life
  6. Outdoor events
  7. Tailgating

There are many good generators for different uses. Discover some of the most popular purposes of these machines.

1. Backup power for home and businesses

Generators are often used as emergency backup power for both homes and businesses. This applies to both standby and portable generators.

Remember that what a generator can power in a house depends on the strength of the machine too.

A small inverter generator could only provide enough backup power for a refrigerator whereas a big generator could power an entire AC system.

2. Rv boondocking

Boondocking, aka staying off-grid with your RV, has its charms but you need some type of electrical generator if you want power on the road.

A generator can be used to power an AC, microwave, coffee maker, etc. in an RV.

At least if the machine can provide enough watts for the RV devices above.

3. Construction sites

Generators are used to provide power to construction sites where the present utilities are not enough for the project.

This is relatively often since implementing utilities is a big part of many construction projects.

Additionally, power tools often require a lot of watts.

You do want to remember how generators produce electricity. Providing these machines with enough fuel is a project itself.

4. Off-grid living

Generators enable people who live off-grid to still do everyday life activities that require a lot of power.

Even if your off-grid cabin has a few solar panels, generators can provide an extra burst of power necessary to start bigger devices like ACs.

5. Producing power in everyday life

A variety of generator types are used to power everything in real life too.

It is easy to forget that the power grid electricity comes from somewhere too.

More specifically, a mix of natural gas generators, solar panels, wind turbines, water turbines, and more are responsible for your everyday life electricity.

Power grid reliability issues tend to be more related to actually getting the power to the customers.

6. Outdoor events

You can use a generator to power outdoor events like parties, festivals, bounce house parcours, outdoor weddings, and more.

Events like these are regularly in locations where the power utilities are either not easy to access or not strong enough.

You still want to keep generator safety guidelines in mind but machines like this are great for producing a lot of power remotely.

7. Tailgating

Generators enable hundreds of fans to enjoy their pregame tailgating fun without overloading the local utility system.

Additionally, it would be hard to provide all this power for electric grills, TVs, radios, and more through the few outlets around the station.

Keep in mind that tailgating is mainly something inverter generators are used for due to the sensitive electronics involved.

Using a regular generator to power something like a TV can damage the device.

What is the purpose of using a generator?

The purpose of using a generator is to convert some type of fuel into usable electricity.

Many people think of generators as an emergency backup power tool but everyday life electricity comes from some type of generator too.

Thanks to the broad definition of what a generator is you can also use it in many types of situations. Both fun and emergency ones.

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