What Will A 4500 Watt Generator Run?

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Getting the right generator for your power needs is key. Discover what a 4500 watt generator will run.

Some of the biggest individual appliances and tools a 4500 watt generator can run include a window air conditioner (15,000 BTU), table saw, 1 HP air compressor, and 1/2 HP furnace fan.

4500 watt generators also tend to be strong enough to run a nice amount of small to medium electrical devices at the same time.

An example of a combination that will often work is running a sump pump, refrigerator, dishwasher, laptop, and toaster at the same time.

That being said, to play things safe you want to figure out the exact power needs of your devices and how many running watts the 4500 starting watt generators offer.

You can use the table below to get a rough idea of the power needs but keep in mind that the numbers are not perfect in every case.

What can a 4500 watt generator run?

The table below with the wattage requirements of appliances and tools 4500 watt generators can run is helpful but only if you use it right.

Something to note is that the numbers below are the requirements for the individual devices.

After the table, I will talk about how many of these a 4500 watt generator can run at the same time.

Secondly, you want to know that 4500 starting watt generators can still vary a good amount in terms of continuous watts.

For the table below, I assume the 4500 watt generator has at least 3500 running watts which should apply to most gasoline models.

Lastly, the general wattage requirements can be helpful but keep in mind that different brands of appliances and tools can have different needs.

Appliance Or ToolRunning WattsAdditional Starting Watts
Coffee Maker600 Watts
Incandescent Light Bulbs60 Watts
Refrigerator800 Watts1400 Watts
800 Watt Microwave Oven1300 Watts
Electric Frying Pan1500 Watts
Electric Grill1650 Watts
Slow Cooker270 Watts
Toaster1200 Watts
Blender400 Watts450 Watts
Air Fryer1600 Watts
Pressure Cooker1200 Watts
Furnace Fan 1/2 HP875 Watts1475 Watts
Window Air Conditioner (15,000 BTU)2000 Watts1300 Watts
11,000 BTU RV Air Conditioner1010 Watts590 Watts
Sump Pump (⅓ HP)800 Watts500 Watts
Flat Screen TV120 Watts
Dishwasher220 Watts320 Watts
RadioUp to 200 Watts
Portable Fan40 Watts80 Watts
Laptop250 Watts
Printer600 Watts
Garage Door Opener720 Watts720 Watts
Cell Phone Charger25 Watts
Radiant Heater1300 Watts
Hair Dryer1800 Watts100 Watts
Vacuum Cleaner1400 Watts
Iron1200 Watts
Electric Drill600 Watts300 Watts
Bench Grinder1400 Watts1100 Watts
Circular Saw1400 Watts900 Watts
Air Compressor (1 HP)1600 Watts2900 Watts
High-Pressure Washer (1 HP)1200 Watts2400 Watts
Table Saw1800 Watts2700 Watts
Table of appliances and tools a 4500 watt generator should be able to run

How many appliances and tools will a 4500 watt generator run at the same time?

As you can likely tell from the big list above, a 4500 watt generator will not be able to run all the appliances and tools at the same time.

On the flip side, it is also worth mentioning that 4500 starting watts and the continuous watts that typically come with that are decent too.

That means you should still be able to run at least some devices at the same time.

You can figure out how much a 4500 watt generator can run at the same time more precisely by following these steps:

  1. Think in advance about what appliances and tools you want to run at the same time.
  2. Research or measure how many watts these devices need to get and keep going.
  3. Add up the running watts of these devices. If this is higher than the continuous watts of the 4500 watt generator you already know you have to run fewer devices or get a stronger generator.
  4. If you have the flexibility to start your devices in your order of preference, list these from highest starting and running watts to lowest. Calculate whether the 4500 watt generator can deal with each step.
  5. A simpler but less accurate version of step 4 is adding all the running watts of your devices and adding the highest additional starting watts to this. This should then be less than 4500 watts.

The steps above do require a bit of research and calculating but they do help you figure out whether 4500 watt generators are for you or how much your model can handle.

If you follow these steps, you would likely conclude that a 4500 watt generator can run a sump pump, refrigerator, dishwasher, slow cooker, and toaster at the same time.

Keep in mind that you may still need to pay attention to your start order and individual device brand models to run this combination.

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4500 watt generator FAQs for specific appliances and tools

The table and general statements above are useful but you may also wonder whether a 4500 watt generator can power your favorite tool or appliance.

You can find some of the most common questions people have for this category of generators below.

Will a 4500 watt generator run a camper?

Many 4500 watt generators have outlets that make it easy to connect the machine to a camper or RV.

Whether a 4500 watt generator will actually be able to run this camper depends on the specific devices connected inside of it.

Something like a medium-sized RV air conditioner and a few small to medium devices should work but you do want to check the details to make sure.

Will a 4500 watt generator run a house?

If you have a way to connect the 30 amp outlets 4500 watt generators typically have to your house, machines like this should be able to run a few devices.

Exactly what and how many appliances and tools you will be able to run inside of your house still has a limit.

When figuring out whether a 4500 watt generator is good enough for your desired appliances you don’t want to forget about the certain amount of energy loss when working with extension cords.

Will a 4500 watt generator run a welder?

While individual brand models and power levels can vary a lot, it is not unusual for a welder to need at least 6000 starting watts.

In turn, a 4500 watt generator will often not be strong enough to run a welder.

How many amps does a 4500 watt generator produce?

In theory, a 4500 watt generator would be able to produce 37.5 amps at 120 volts or 18.75 amps at 240 volts.

However, because 4500 watt generator outlets tend to “only” be able to deal with 30 amps, this would be the maximum at 120 volts too.

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