Who Makes A-iPower Generators?

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It is hard to find anything about A-iPower generators besides that A-iPower Corp. is the company behind them.

In practice, this likely means A-iPower Corp. orders the generators wholesale from overseas and distributes them in different locations.

A few of the A-iPower generators look very similar to the models the manufacturer Senci.

However, besides a Reddit comment mentioning this, I did not find any confirmation that this is actually the manufacturer A-iPower gets its generators from.

At the same time, some of the A-iPower generator online product listings do mention China as the country of origin.

Who owns A-iPower generators?

According to Crunchbase, A-iPower generators are owned by A-iPower Corp., a private company based in Fontana, California, United States.

I was not able to find what individuals or organizations, in turn, own A-iPower Corp.

Where are A-iPower generators made?

There are some online A-iPower product listings that mention China as the country of origin.

The A-iPower brand itself did not mention anything about specific manufacturers according to my research.

However, there is a Reddit comment that notes the Chinese company Senci is the manufacturer and some of their generators do look very similar to models from A-iPower.

It is somewhat common to outsource the production of products to other countries aka order the portable generators from overseas.

In this case, A-iPower adds value by taking the risk of ordering all these machines, by doing the branding, and by taking care of the customer support.

Is A-iPower a good generator brand?

No, A-iPower is not a good generator brand compared to the top options available according to my research of many generators.

At the same time, A-iPower recently started offering a few new portable generators like their big dual fuel inverter generator.

For now, it is too early to say whether these newer generators have the same rates of technical issues or are an improvement over older models.

When it comes to their somewhat older models, A-iPower has a few decent/good generators.

At the same time, there were/are a good amount of options that involve an above-average amount of technical issues.

It is hard to imagine why you would choose one of these older A-iPower generators with the better alternatives available.


What engines does A-iPower use?

A-iPower generators often use 4 Stroke OHV engines. The exact cc will depend on the specific model.

Does Yamaha make A-iPower generators?

There are some A-iPower generators like the SC2000i with a Yamaha engine but to my knowledge, Yamaha is not involved with most A-iPower generators.

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