Who Makes DeWalt Generators?

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DeWalt generators are likely made by external manufacturers in China on demand from Stanley Black & Decker, the parent company.

First of all, the DeWalt brand is a subsidiary aka is owned by Stanley Black & Decker.

Next, while DeWalt and Stanley Black & Decker are headquartered in the USA and make certain tools there, it looks like the generator engines of many models are made in China.

This often does not say much about the quality but in the case of the DeWalt generators, the overall positivity of the customer reviews is often reasonable but not that great either.

One noteworthy exception is the DeWalt DXGNI2200 which customers tend to be positive about.

It is worth noting that I have not looked at the prices of the other DeWalt generators compared to their features yet.

That means I can’t say whether or not the prices are worth the risk.

Who owns DeWalt generators?

DeWalt Generators is currently owned by Stanley Black & Decker.

DeWalt Generators was founded in 1924 and changed name and ownership a few times. In 1960, Stanley Black & Decker acquired DEWALT Inc. bought DeWalt generators, and still owns the brand to this day according to the Stanley Black & Decker website.

Stanley Black & Decker highlights that the DeWalt brand received four Popular Mechanics tool awards and 26 Pro Tool Innovation Awards in 2021.

The DeWalt and Stanley Black & Decker brands also have a variety of other product lines including power tools, hand tools, batteries, and much more.

Where are DeWalt generators made?

DeWalt Generator engines seem to be made in China but these details are not always clearly mentioned.

While DeWalt is headquartered in the USA and prides itself on making many tools in the U.S. it seems that most if not all DeWalt generator engines are made in China.

I conclude this from a customer support query where someone asked “Where are the motors in the DEWALT generators made?” (2).

The answer to this question was “The motors in the DG4400B, DG6300B and DG7000B are DEWALT motors made in China.”

It is still possible that smaller generator parts outside the engines are made in other locations.

However, it would not be unusual for a generator brand to manufacture its machines in China.

Is DeWalt a good generator brand?

DeWalt is generally not a good generator brand. Besides the DeWalt DXGNI2200, customers are typically not that happy with the DeWalt generators. At least compared to alternatives.

Good generators can come from a variety of locations, including China.

In turn, you are likely still wondering whether DeWalt is a good generator brand or not.

I have not (yet) had the time to look at the features the DeWalt generators offer at what price.

However, I can still say that the customer reviews of DeWalt generators tend to be somewhat average and even below average when it comes to overall positivity.

One exception to this seems to be the DeWalt DXGNI2200 which customers tend to be happy with.

From this quick look at the overall positivity of the customer reviews I would conclude that DeWalt is a decent but not great generator brand (not including the DXGNI2200).

How long does a DeWalt generator last?

A DeWalt generator will last at least 3 years since this is the duration of the warranty.

After that, it is hard to put any exact numbers on how long DeWalt generators will last besides noting that these often come with a 3-year limited warranty.

Something else to note is that different DeWalt generator models have different lifetime expectations.

For example, customers tend to be happy with the DeWalt DXGNI2200 which implies this specific model lasts a nice amount of time.

However, there are also models like the DeWalt DXGNR4000 where there are a good amount of customers who note their generator only lasted a few months or even less.

What brand engine is in a DeWalt generator?

The brand of engine inside a DeWalt generator is DeWalt itself.

One recent (around February 2023) support query mentions the engines in the DG4400B, DG6300B, and DG7000B DeWalt generators are from the DeWalt engine brand and made in China.

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