Who Makes Genmax Generators?

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The company that makes Genmax generators is the Chinese company Chongqing Dinking power machinery Co. LTD.

I did not find any specific information about where they manufacture the Genmax generators but it is very likely this also happens in China.

The overall positivity of the Genmax generator customer reviews I could find was reasonable but below average compared to some of the more well-known generator brands.

That being said, I have not looked at the specifications vs price “ratio” of Genmax generators yet.

In some cases like this, it is worth “risking” it if you are able to get a good deal. Additionally, you still get a one-year limited warranty for recreational use.

Who owns Genmax generators?

Genmax generators is a brand that is owned by the company Chongqing Dinking power machinery Co. LTD which was founded in 2010.

According to the Genmax generator website, Genmax is currently located in the Caojie Industrial Park, Hechuan District, in Chongqing, China.

This company currently also offers power stations and pressure washers.

Additionally, they mention they have experience with water pumps, gasoline engines, and power needs accessories too.

Some of the notable mentions in the Chongqing Dinking power machinery Co. LTD company history are their fifth place in foreign trade export in the general motor industry in 2015 and a contract with HYUNDAI China.

Where are Genmax generators made?

Genmax generators are likely made in China since the brand does not mention anything else and since this is a popular location for manufacturing.

The first reasoning point behind this is that generators are often manufactured overseas and more specifically in China.

Add to this that the Genmax brand is owned by a Chinese manufacturing company and the theory above becomes even more likely.

Are Genmax generators made in the USA?

No, Genmax generators are typically not made in the USA. This Chinese company does not mention anything about this so it is likely never the case.

Are Genmax generators any good?

Genmax generators are not that good in terms of overall quality but in some categories they are one of the few brands that offer a decent machine.

For this reason, Genmax generators are sometimes on lists of best generator options. Even though they are also on the list of generator brands to avoid.

The overall positivity of Genmax generator customer reviews is reasonable but at the same time, below average compared to many other generator brands.

So if you are interested in keeping the risk of generator issues low, Genmax generators are likely not good for your personal preferences.

What is the warranty of Genmax generators?

Genmax generators typically have a one-year limited warranty for recreational use if you follow the guidelines mentioned in the user manual.

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